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SquiggleMark is only software I would use for watermarking photos and videos.  It’s so easy to use and bulk watermarking is saving me a lot of time. The after support is amazing, issues are sorted very quickly. Am very impressed with this software and will totally recommend it to others.  Suz from www.tizyorkmuzic.com

Thanks. It is a great program. Easiest one I’ve tried. Janet

Hi this is a great app. Thank you.Michelle

Thanks for awesome application. it saved my day. Hasan

SquiggleMark was Built for Speed

SquiggleMark is fast. It exploits all the processing power of your computer to generate watermarked images and videos. If you have a dual core, quad core, or octa core computer, all the cores in your machine will be used to work hard and fast.

Squigglemark was tested with large photo files that are produced by modern high quality DSLR cameras.Your picture quality is maintained as your watermark is applied.


Originals Untouched

SquiggleMark works on a copy of your original photos. The watermarked files are generated in a new folder.

Runs on Windows and Mac-OSX

SquiggleMark is supported on Windows 7 & higher and Mac-OSX 10.10 & higher.